Garden State Pharmacy Owners (GSPO) is THE VOICE of Independent Pharmacy in New Jersey.

Owner organization specifically established to represent independent pharmacy in the ever-challenging political environment, thereby promoting and protecting owners legislative interests and goals. GSPO also offers specific business solutions to enhance the economic viability of its participating pharmacies.

Participant benefits include:

1) Representation in the state and federal political arena via an effective government relations advocate who maintains a constant presence to forward independent pharmacys political agenda.

2) Participation in CO-OP Power, Inc. an active buying group which solicits vendor contracts to lower effective cost of goods and also provide a rebate stream to participating pharmacies.

3) Continuing Education seminars/events for a nominal fee.

4) Recipient as a group funds generated by our subsidiary Select Solutions, Inc. which is active in the Municipal prescription benefit marketplace, and who is presently pursuing future growth via the private business corporate marketplace. Select Solutions, Inc provides a uniquely positioned competitive prescription benefit carve-out solution for clients seeking to control their prescription claim expenditure.

5) Miscellaneous member support, such as issue resolution, communication with various business and governmental entities on behalf of community pharmacy, participation on behalf of members in industry events, etc. GSPO maintains a high profile presence in the New Jersey political and business environment, and interacts with national pharmacy groups such as NCPA.

GSPO is very active behind the scenes and it is now the function of this website to better inform our participants of the nature and substance of this activity. It is the mission of the GSPO website to more effectively engage our participants and encourage new participants to join our organization.

We understand that it is not possible for all independent pharmacy owners to actively contribute their time and presence to GSPO activities, but it is CRITICAL for all owners to be active GSPO Participants by paying their yearly dues and by visiting the GSPO website often, thereby keeping informed of those events and entities which impact your businesses and profession.

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Make an investment in your business- join GSPO today! Must be an independent pharmacy owner with store(s) in the State of New Jersey.