Select Solutions, Inc.

Goal: To provide affordable pharmacy benefits to private companies who employ 50 or more employees thru your referrals.

Select Solutions Inc. will contact your referral for the opportunity to contract their prescription benefits. All contracted businesses will be provided a list of GSPO members in their area, increasing your exposure to potential customers.


Action: Provide us with referrals to area businesses, colleagues, friends or family who fit the above criteria.

  • Increase store RX volume and foot traffic
  • Up to $1500 reward – $500 GSPO dues refund per year for each client Select Solutions Inc. contracts. (Max 3 years)
  • Eligible to win GRAND PRIZE of $10,000

“Word of Mouth” advertising in motion – a quick and effortless way to increase business Let’s grow and prosper – we can do this together!

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